Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Commitment Issues

A blog is most definitely a commitment.  I admire the many bloggers I follow who can find something interesting to write every day, and they commit to doing it.  That, apparently, is not me.  On either count! I am a fickle blogger.  Just take a look at the date of my last post!  Probably because I'd rather be doing this .  .  .

or this .  .  .

Well, you get the idea.  Any excuse will do.  But, here I am, so let's see what's been happening in my corner of the desert.

The coyotes have been very active during the day.  I see them just about every morning on my walk.

First, I spotted him.
Then he spotted me.

                                   Oops, better turn around.
A dove and a pyrrhuloxia sat atop adjacent saguaros seeing who could call the loudest.  
Well, the pyrrhuloxia definitely got more points for melody.  

As fast as the saguaro fruits ripen, some lucky creature is waiting to devour the sweet pulp, leaving an empty red hull that looks for all the world like a flower.

Oh look!  Night blooming cereus buds are getting ready to put on their one-night show.
Only six buds this year, not like the glory days of this plant when it would produce more than 20 flowers.  One recent year, it didn't bloom at all, and I was afraid it had worn itself out.  But, gradually, it has come back after it's little hiatus.  

Rain in Tucson in June is virtually unheard of.  It's usually the dreaded month of bone-dry,100 degree days, not a cloud in sight.  Well, guess what?  This year, we have had rain, thanks to a tropical storm in the Pacific.  


All those cloudy days brought something else wonderful - glorious sunsets.  

Here's a new flower for my garden this year.  I got a start from a friend, stuck it in the ground and .  .  . Voila!
Harissia cactus
Until next time .  .  . whenever that might be!